Truck Wheels & Axels
Nelson Riedel,
10/31/2012, last updated 11/09/2012


The drawing shows the critical dimensions on the wheels I used.   The bore is 17mm.  I purchased my wheels already machined from Tom Bee.   By contrast, Ken Schroeder prefers to use a 5/8" bore and 7/8" width.   The wheels can be press fit on the axels or retained with Loctite.

Axel for Sleeve Bearings

The drawing for the axel is above and the drawing for the sleeve bearing is on the right.   I actually used 3/4" HRS for most of my axels.   However, with the 17" mm bore on the wheels and a chamfer on the hole, the shoulder on the 3/4" axel went a few thousands into the hole making the gauge tighter than planned.    In the future I'll use 7/8" stock for the wheels with 17"mm bores.

The sleeve bearings are McMaster #6338K465.   The sides of the 5/8" diameter part of the bearing are milled flat to keep the bearing from rotating in the journal boxes.

Axel for Ball Bearings  

The drawing above shows an axel for use with the R6 ball bearings --- 3/8" ID, 7/8" OD and 9/32" thickness.   A groove is cut for an external retaining ring to keep the bearing in place on the axel.   

Photo above shows a finished axel with wheels and sleeve barings.




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