Initial 6/27/03, Last updated 06/30/2003

The information in this site describes what I have done in my workshop for my own noncommercial use.   The information in this site is not intended to be used as instructions for others.  If you chose to duplicate something I have done, you do so at your own risk.    Machine tools and live steam apparatus are inherently dangerous  ---- follow all appropriate precautions.

To the best of my knowledge all the information in the site is original or taken from the public domain.  It is my intent to clearly identify the origin of all non original content.   

These pages are protected by copyright.   Feel free to copy and use for any non commercial use.   If any part of the original content is incorporated in another document, please identify the source as NelsonsLocomotive.com

Please avoid linking to any part of the website except the index page (www.NelsonsLocomotive.com).  I will likely change the organization of the website frequently making those internal links useless.

Nelson A. Riedel  
June 27, 2003     



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