Godshall Custom Machining
Initial 1/206/2007, last updated 11/21/2007

Wayne Godshall is making the boiler for my Heisler.  I recently visited his shop and was impressed with his operation.   He has developed several interesting parts and has some more under development.  He doesn't have a website so I volunteered to put this information on the Nelson's Locomotive site as a service to other enthusiasts.

Wayne has as complete machine shop including CNC lathe and milling.   He also has a complete welding capability.  He does both custom locomotive construction and restoration.    He also makes boilers.   Wayne is located in Shermansdale, Pa and may be contacted at godshallworks@embarqmail.com

The photos below show some of the parts Wayne currently has available.

3-piece air brake detail set:  This set consists of cast aluminum air reservoir and brake cylinder and a machined AB valve  as shown in photo at right. .  A pattern is being made to cast the AB valve so all three parts will cast in the near future.   The current price for the 3 piece set is $22.50. 
Plumbing diagram shown here.  
This photo shows the AB valve and brake  cylinder installed on a tank car.


This shows the reservoir mounted on the other side of the tank car.


This is a much better view of the brake hardware installed on a hopper car.  The air lines are made with 1/8" welding rod.
This shows the hopper car installation from a slightly different angle.
Sunbeam Generator: There is no generator in this 1.5" scale unit.    A turbine blade is underdevelopment that will can be operated with steam to simulate generator operation.    Contact for price.


Handrail Stanchions:   These lost wax handrail castings are 1" high and are for 5/32" OD handrails. Contact for price.. 
Sand Dome & Covers:   These are for PRR C, E, G, I, K, L, & M class locomotives.  The main casting is aluminum and hatches are lost wax brass castings.  Contact for current price.
Smoke Box Front & Door unit: For all PRR steam locomotives   Cast Iron for up to 12" OD smoke box.  Current price $65.


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