Heisler Burner, Boiler, Smoke Box, Superheater & Throttle
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
6/23/2004, last updated

The photo above shows the original Cass 6 Boiler.  This boiler was replaced in 2004.  The steam for the cylinders is piped from the back of the steam chamber down the boiler sides.

The photo above shows the side of MRSRR 91 boiler.  The steam for the cylinders is piped from the steam chamber through the inside of the boiler to the smoke box where it enters a superheater. The output of the superheater is via pipes from the smoke box along the side of the boiler to the cylinders.  The pipe for the right cylinder is visible in the photo.

Added 10/13/2011:  Wayne Godshall has a full set of these Heisler castings plus a finished boiler for sale --- contact at  http://godshallscustommachining.com


Construction: Boiler Construction I Boiler & drilling of the smoke box tube
  Boiler Construction II Throttle, superheater & snifter
  Boiler Construction III Blower, nozzle & exhaust
  Boiler Construction IV Jacket & domes
Design: Boiler Design I Basic Boiler dimensions.  
  Boiler Design II Throttle, Superheater, Exhaust & Blower
  Boiler Design III Smokestack, Smoke Box Front & Fire Box Door
Reference: Cass 6 Boiler
MRSR 91 Superheater 



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