Heisler Drawings
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
1/16/2005, last updated


All the Heisler drawings were generated using TurboCAD.   The links below provide access to the drawings in DXF format (Drawing eXchange Format) and in some cases TCW format, the native TurboCAD format.  Initially I had planned to provide only the DXF files but found some of the files to contain errors ----- the lines associated with dimensions weren't positioned properly.  This was especially true of leaders.   

The drawing files are grouped by subsystem and then ziipped to both compress the data and minimize the download process.

The drawings can be downloaded and saved using Internet Explorer by right clicking on the link and selecting  "Save Target as ...:" from the drop down menu.     The normal zipping programs such as WinZip (http://www.winzip.com/)  can be used to unzip the files.

There are free viewers available to look at the DXF files.   One is called eDrawings which I tried and seems to work.  The eDrawings software can be downloaded from the following site:

 Free DWG Viewer, DXF Viewer Free AutoCAD Viewer Download


Engine: EngineDesignTCWFiles.zip All engine design drawings in TCW format
  EngineDesignDXFFiles.zip All engine design drawings in DXF format.
  Cass 6 Engine1 Entire engine except valve linkage
  Cass 6 Engine 2 Engine valve linkage.
  MRSR 91 Engine Differences between Cass 6 & MRSR 91
Gears & Shafts: Gears&ShaftsTCWFiles.zip All Gears & Shafts design drawings in TCW format
  Gears&ShaftsDXFFiles.zip All Gears & Shafts design drawings in DXF format.
  Cass 6 Universals & Shafts Universals & Driveshaft details
Frames: Cass 6 Main Frame Shows all the major frame parts.
  FrameDesignTCWFiles.zip Frame design drawings in TCW format
FrameDesignDXFFiles.zip Frame design drawings in DXF format
Trucks: Cass 6 Truck. Drawings of all the Cass 6 truck parts
  TruckTCWFiles.zip Truck design drawings in TCW format
  TruckDXFFiles.zip Truck design drawings in DXFformat
Boiler: Cass 6 Boiler  









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