Heisler Electrical System
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
2/20/2010, last updated

 The electrical system on the Shay was an afterthought.  This time  I planned ahead; a 3" high space under the oil tank was reserved for an electrical compartment.   

The diagram above shows the position of the electrical compartment.  There is also a bulge in front of the oil tank that serves as an open space to run air hoses and wires to the top where the switches and brake valve are located.  The front of the bulge is roughly in line with the cab doors when they are open so it shouldn't effect the aesthetics too much.   The location of the switches and controls in not prototypical but I'm getting too old to bend over and fumble to find controls down inside the cab.  The throttle lever will also be located in the area of the switches.

The oil tank on the later Heislers was connected to the side of the metal cab.   The cab and oil tank haven't been designed yet but the plan is to make them as one unit that is easy to lift off to access the electrical compartment as well as the plumbing for the air, water and fuel systems that run under the cab floor.   The only connection between the cab-oil tank unit and the rest of the locomotive is the oil feed line.  The oil line will run vertically out of the the right rear of the tank to an angle shutoff valve just below the top of the frame.  The valve will be hard connected to the tank.  The valve handle will be on the bottom of the valve and easily accessed from under the side of the frame.   The output of the valve will be horizontal toward the front and equipped with a coolant quick connect which feeds into the fuel filter.  The valve and quick connect should permit easy removal of the filter for cleaning and also easy removal of the tank-cab unit.   

The electrical compartment will contain a 12 volt ~ 20 amp hour sealed lead acid battery, the igniter circuitry, an electric water pump that will supplement the axel pump and an electric air compressor that will supplement the steamed power air compressor for the brakes.  The main power switch will be located near the fuel shutoff valve and operated by reaching under the cab.  All other switches will be located on the top of the bulge described previously. 

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