Heisler  Engine
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
6/26/2004, last updated

The above sketch came from a reprint of a Heisler marketing booklet originally published in the 1920s.  The following text accompanied the sketch.  

"The Heisler  has a V-type engine on the center-line supported by the main frame, entirely independent of the boiler.

One cylinder  is on each side of the locomotive , and the connecting rods drive the central shaft direct.

Engine cylinders, piston rods , connecting rods and valve gear are all very easy to get at, but are out of the way of obstructions alongside of or between tracks." 


The photo above shows the right cylinder on Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad 91.  This photo was taken on a crisp morning in late September 2004.  The engine is of the late design with piston valves and a superheater which I've chosen to model.   

Lennard Sihlis, a mechanical designer in Calgary, Alberta sent the above rendering of the engine he created using the 2D drawings of the individual parts on the website.  He's interested in various forms of metal working which attracted him to the website.  Maybe a locomotive will come out of his shop at the end of one of those long Canadian winters.   

Leonard also generated animations of the engine using the Ailbre Design software.    These animations can be downloaded via the following links:

Heisler Engine Animation I ( 1.7 MB)

Heisler Engine Animation II (3 MB) 

The engine has been fabricated.  The following videos show the operation on compressed air.

Heisler Engine Slow operation (7 MB)

Heisler Engine Fast operation (1 MB)

The links below lead to additional reference, design and construction information.

The drawing files are being update and should be available in a day or two. 

Construction: Engine Construction I Crankshaft, Pistons, Heads, etc
  Engine Construction II Rocker Arm Base and Valve Links
  Engine Construction III Cylinders, Bushings & Exhaust Manifolds
  Engine Construction IV Crankcase, Crosshead Guide, Main Bearing Cap
  Engine Construction V Conn Rod, Bearing Strap, Bearing, Counterweight.
  Engine Construction VI Finishing the Valve Linkages
Design: Engine Design Part I Crankshaft, Eccentrics and Main Bearings.
  Engine Design Part II Crankcase & Crosshead Guides
  Engine Design Part III Cylinders & Heads
  Engine Design Part IV  Valve & Exhaust Manifolds
  Engine Design Part V Piston, Crosshead, Connecting  Rod & Bearing
  Engine Design Part VI Rocker Arm Linkages
  Engine Design Part VII Tumbling Arm Linkages
  Engine Design Part VIII  Eccentric Linkages
  Johnson Bar Design & Construction of the valve control function
  Cylinder Cocks Design & Construction of the Cylinder Cocks
  EngineDesignDXFFiles.zip Design drawings in DXF format
  EngineDesignTCWFiles.zip Design drawings in TCW format
PartsList Parts Lists
Reference: Cass 6 Engine Part I Engine Overview
  Cass 6 Engine Part II Crankcase & Crankshaft & Bearings
  Cass 6 Engine Part III Cylinders, Heads. Pistons & Rods
  Cass 6 Engine Part IV Rocker Arm Base, Rocker Arms & Valve Stems 
  Cass 6 Engine Part V Reversing Links, Hangers & Tumbling Arms
  MRSR 91 Engine Parts different from Cass 6 including cylinders, eccentric straps.  Also shows photos of wedge in bottom of connecting rod strap.   



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