Heisler Foot Pegs
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
9/04/2010, last updated

I've seen many examples of motorcycle type foot pegs used on locomotives.   Whenever I tried to find suitable foot pegs online I could only find really high quality OEM equivalents at a very high price.  Recently I found Buddy Foot Pegs #17-1260 from www.heeters.com .  Total cost including shipping was about $20.

Photo above shows shows the foot pegs mounted to the attachment brackets being fabricated. 

This is a pair of brackets still joined together.  The material is 1 1/4" channel with one of the legs milled flat.  It would have been easier to use 1 1/2" channel and saw the one leg off ----- but I didn't have any 1 1/2" channel.    The large holes are for the foot peg studs and a shoulder on the stud.   The smaller holes are for four 3/32" button head cap screws used to attach the brackets to the frame side channels.   The finished brackets are 1 1/4" wide and  2" long

This shows the left side foot peg.  The peg is behind the cab door so that steps can be added under the door.   The channel leg that was left on the bracket is to the front.  The front of the peg mount is against the leg to keep the peg from rotating.   

This shows the peg folded against the frame ---- necessary to move and store the locomotive.  The shinny metal on the peg has been painted satin black to make it less noticeable.  

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