Heisler Frames
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
2/27/2005, last updated

This section describes the Heisler main frame and tender frame.

The photo above shows probably the most unique frame feature of the "West Coast Special", the cast frame stiffeners  mounted between the upper and lower frame bars.  These stiffeners have slots to provide access to the boiler stay bolts.   That's the mechanical lubricator mounted to the left side stiffener   

The  frames have been finished:

The finished locomotive frame

The finished tender frame

The following links lead to information about the frames.

Construction  Information Main Frame Construction I Slotted Center Stiffeners
  Main Frame Construction II Frame Sides
  Main Frame Construction III Sills & Saddle
  Main Frame Construction IV Coupler Pocket, Link & Tray
  Main Frame Construction V Bolsters & Boiler Supports.
  Tender frame Construction  
Design Information Main Frame Design I Frame sides & bolsters
Main Frame Design II Center Stiffener, Saddle & Rear Sill
Main Frame Design III Front Sill & Boiler Supports
  Tender Frame Design  
  Frame Design Drawings (TCW)  Main & Tender Frame drawings
  Frame Design Drawing (DXF) Main & Tender Frame drawings
  Frame Parts List (HTM) HTML (web page) format
  Frame Parts List (XLS) EXCEL format
Reference Data Cass 6 Main Frame I  
  Cass 6 Main Frame II  
  Cass 6 Main Frame III  
  Cass 6 Tender Frame  
  Cass 6 Main Frame Drawing  
  Cass 6 Tender Frame Drawing  



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