Finishing Gears Construction
Nelson Riedel,
/2006, last updated 04/08/2006

The wheels had just been machined and painted so it was possible to finish the gear cases and associated axels.   

Swivel Shaft HM 314:  The swivel shafts hadn't been made so that was the first task.  For the bases, 3/4" square brass bar was used rather that the 5/8" wide bar stock specified in the design section.  The photo shows using a boring head to cut the 1" radius on the base. Note that the block is positioned at an angle (10 degrees) in the vise.  A similar technique was used to cut the 7/8" radius in the base for the middle truck swivel shaft (HM 317)

Pieces of 5/16" drill rod were silver soldered in holes in the the bases. The bases were then attached to the gear cases with a couple 6-32 screws.  These screws went through the gear case but not the pinion tube (the screws were ground flat inside the gear case tube using a small grinding wheel in the Dremel).  There is no reason for the swivel shafts on the outside trucks to ever be removed so the attachment is considered permanent. The photo shows the swivel shaft on a gear case after it was painted (powder coated). 

A 6-32 screw was used to secure the pinion tube at the gear case. The top of the screw head is visible near the top of the photo. 

The wheels - spacers - wheel bearings were installed using the same techniques as used for the non geared axels.  See Wheel Construction.   

This photo shows an assembled outside truck gear case with axel and wheels. A non geared axel is also shown for comparison.  The axel pump eccentric is installed on the geared axel so this is the front truck. 
Middle Truck Swivel Shaft (HM 317):  The middle truck swivel shaft is shown on the right.  The recess in the gear case and pinion tube was cut with a 3/8" mill.  The swivel shaft must be removed to slide the swivel bearing over the end of the shaft.   

Middle Truck: This photo shows the axels and gears for the middle truck

Photo above shows the the six axels with wheels and gears.  These will be set aside until the truck castings arrive.

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