Heisler Gears & Shafts
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
6/20/2004, last updated

This section covers the Heisler gears and shafts including the universals and slip joints. 

The drawing above from a Heisler catalog shows the gears & shafts of a two-truck Heisler.  The front and rear trucks of the three-truck Heisler are like the two-truck version.  The middle truck however is a bit different.   

The above sketch of the three-truck configuration was made using the first drawing and "photo software".  Note the use of the spur gear set on the middle truck.

The gear cases were the first part of the Heisler constructed  ---- a test to see if that part of the design actually works.    The photos below show the completed gear system.

This next photo shows the painted gear system with wheels and non geared axels.

The following links lead to reference, design and construction information for the gears & shafts.



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