Heisler Parts Lists
Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
2/26/2004, last updated


Separate parts lists will be provided for each subsystem (Engine, Trucks, Gears, etc).  The lists are divided into three parts: Castings, Machine Parts and Stock parts.  The Stock Parts include standard bearings and other hardware typically available from McMaster-Carr.   The Machined Parts are fabricated from stock bars, rods, sheets, etc.   The castings are unique designs made for this project.   

The design is nearing completion at this point (August, 2005).  The Parts Lists will be updated as the design progresses. 

The Parts Lists are available in both html (Web Page) and Microsoft Excel Workbook (xls)  formats at the links listed below.  The web pages can be viewed by clicking the links.  The spreadsheet files can be downloaded and saved using Internet Explorer by right clicking on the link and selecting  "Save Target as ...:" from the drop down menu.   Note that if you try to view the spreadsheet by clicking the link and opening the file, you will open only the first sheet of the workbook.

Web Page (html) format MS Excel Workbook (xls) format
Engine Parts List Engine Parts List
Gears & Shafts Parts List  Gears & Shafts Parts List 
Brakes Parts List Brakes Parts List
Frame Parts List Frame Parts List
Truck Parts List Truck Parts List





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