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Nelson Riedel, Nelson@NelsonsLocomotive.com
6/24/2004, last updated

The above sketch came from a reprint of a Heisler marketing booklet originally published in the 1920s.  The following text accompanied the sketch.  

"A patented 3-way swivel--- perfectly flexible in its action, while rigid and sturdy in construction --- holds  each wheel  in contact with the roughest track.   Every wheel is gripping the trail, carrying its full share of the locomotive's weight, and delivering it's full share of the hauling power." 


The photo above shows the partially disassembled Cass 6 middle truck.  Most the stuff between the truck sides are part of the gear drive.   The design of the gear drive for the model is covered in the Universal, Gears & Shafts section.  The design of the wheels, axels, truck framework and brakes are covered in this section.  The following links lead to  information on the trucks.

Construction Wheels & Axels  
  Truck Construction I Truck Side & Lower Cross
  Truck Construction II Truck Bolster & Side Rod
  Truck Construction III Truck Brake Parts
Design Heisler Truck Design I Wheel, Axel & Rod
Heisler Truck Design II Truck Side and associated parts
  Heisler Truck Design III Remaining Truck Parts except Brake Hardware.
Heisler  Truck Design IV Truck Brake Hardware
  TruckTCWFiles.zip Design Drawings TCW format
  TruckDXFFiles.zip Design Drawings DXF format
  Truck Parts List xls Parts List in Excel format
  Truck Parts List htm Parts List in web page format
References Cass 6 Wheel & Rod 
  Cass 6 Truck I   
  Cass 6 Truck II   



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