Mark Mihalyi's Two Shays-Part 2
Nelson Riedel
Initial: 03/05/2008 Last Revised:05/18/2008

I first met Mark in the spring of 2003 --- five years ago.  Since then Mark has been making steady progress on his shays.   He has the engines running on compressed air so this might be the year that they actually run.  He sent a batch of photos recently.   Rather than integrating the photo into a web page I decided use a thumbnail format.  This will allow a faster download of the base page and also make it easy to add photos in the future.   The full size photo can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail.    

This shows the two frames with the bright red sills.
A close up of shaft between the middle truck and the tender truck
Side view of the shaft and gears on the middle truck.
The engine with reversing linkages.
Back view of the engine showing the manifolds.
Front view of engine.
Another view of the frames with the engines mounted.
Boiler with steam pipe to input manifold and lubricator.
Another view of boiler.
Rear of boiler beside engine.
Brake cylinder.
Boiler saddle pieces that rest on front bolster.
Another view of saddle.
Another vies of saddle.  Interesting view of front boiler supports and many other parts that are attached to the frame.
A nest vie of lubricator operating linkage.
This shows the smoke box front in place on one of the boilers.  The front boiler supports are also visible.
A front view of a smoke box front.  Note the firbox door is in place on the other boiler.
This shows the firebox door, water gauges and throttle lever.
A nice view of the reversing linkage.
A neat view of the back head fittings.
A side view of the water gauge.
This is a good view of the throttle lever with all the pivot points.
Brake Cylinder
The petticoat in position in smoke box.  You can sure tell that this boiler has never been fired.
A side view of the steam manifold.
Another view of the two shays with boiler and backhead fitings in place
Look at th4e smokestack and the joints in the exhaust pipe.
It looks like this is a pressure test --- possibly a run on air. i
The steam dome and fittings.
That workbench is just too clean!
Throttle lever details.
Throttle lever details.
Throttle lever details.





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