Geared Locomotive Photos
.Last updated 12/11/2008

This page is devoted to photos of your geared locomotive project so send some photos.    


Mark Mihalyi's Shay's Mark is building two shays at once.  This link shows a couple photos plus a shot of Mark's beautiful 1976 TR.  

Mark Mihalyi's Shay's II More photos of Mark's Shays ---- it won't be long till they're steaming.

Kososva Railroad Photos  No geared locomotives here.  These are railroad scenes taken in Kosova in the summer of 2003.

Emile Moussu's Shay  Emile is located in western France.  Photos saw a beautiful shay plus other cars on the Northern Brittany Railroad.  

Pickering Lumber No 2 Mike Getscher sent photos of Pickering No 2 located at Travel Town in Griffith Park,  Los Angeles.

Garratt Locomotives of the East Africa Railroad  Photos taken at Nairobi Railway Museum in June, 2007.

Alan's Shay Alan who is located in the UK has constructed a really neat Class B shay.



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