Photos of Pickering Lumber 2 Heisler 
Nelson Riedel,
6/29/2004, last updated


Mike Getscher sent the following photos of Pickering No 2 located at Travel Town in Griffith Park,  Los Angeles.   It is three-tuck 75 ton locomotive built in 1918.   Of particular interest to me was the oil tank and the cab configuration of an oil burner --- I plan to make an oil burner.    More data on the locomotive is at:


Update 12/12/2008:  Mike went back to Griffin Park this past summer and took some photos of the Heisler oil burner and sent three to add to the web site.

The photo at right shows the oil nozzle and a hinged damper.   Not that the fire pan is fitted part way into the fire box.


This shows the damper at a slightly different angle and gives a good perspective of the curved bottom of the fire pan.


This photo was taken from near the front of the fire pan looking toward the rear.  The profile of the curved fire pan and the relationship to the bottom of the boiler is clear.  Mike was intrigued by the small chute near rear of the fire pan.   It looks like there was an identical one on the other side.    I believe this chute is an air input vent.  The piece inside the vent is probably a damper.   It is my understanding that early oil burners has these side vents.   Later designs had vents in the firebox door in place of these side vents.    Data on late Heisler oil burners is at Oil Burner.  Those interested in oil burners may also check out the oil burners used on the late Garratt locomotives at Garratt photos.  

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