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6/27/2003, last updated 04/01/2014

Buchanan Machine Works  Jim Buchanan has built a really neat Class B Climax.  He casts many of the parts in Aluminum.  It sounds complicated, but for a graduate of The Ohio State University's College of Engineering,  nothing is beyond his capability ---- Buckeye's can do more than dominate the athletic fields.   

Building a Climax by Heinz Hotz  Heinz is well along with his 1" scale Climax.  Great photos.   The cylinder clocks would fit my Shay perfectly.  

Building Miniature Live Steam Locomotives in 1:8 scale  An interesting site from Finland.

Burrell Engine Builder  Conrad Dew lives in the UK and has built a really neat Burrell Engine (Tractor)  The site shows how he made some of the casting patterns.  Conrad uses 3 phase machinery in his shop powered via a converter.  Us amateurs in the US might consider the same since used 3 phase machinery is usually priced much less that single phase equipment.  The price of new single phase to three phase converters has really dropped making such an arrangement very economic.   

Cass Scenic Railroad  This is the ultimate in live steam with several operating Shays.   

CD&M Railroad  This little short line is a full size 3 foot gauge with a compressed air power Porter.  Why model when you have room for the real thing?      

DAMAR Southern Railroad  Dave Levy's DAMAR Southern Railroad is located in Georgia.  Dave has built a Pacific Coast Shay and a string of cars.     Site has nice close-up photos of various parts of the Shay as it was being constructed.    

Deerfield & Roundabout Railroad: This site includes some neat diagrams of track standards.

Gerd's Shay: Gerd, located in Germany is building a 2" scale model of a 13 ton 30" gauge class A shay.

Bob Jorgensen's Workshop and Steam Engine Designs:  Bob build many steam devices ranging from stationary engines to a steam bicycle and a steam automobile.    Bob died in 2006.  The web page was created by his son Patrick.

Chuck Hackett's Webpage  Chuck shows tests of lagging ---- and the conclusion that lagging is no more effective insulator than trapped air. 

The Hobbyist's Machine Shop Quoting Dan Kautz of THMS:  "The purpose of this site is to help inspire other beginning hobbyists. It is directed to everyone who enjoys or wishes to enjoy the fun and challenge of creating small machines and other devices from raw metal."

Hit & Miss Engines  ASAP Motors & Transmissions have a nice description of hit & miss engines as well as links to other early engines including some that are steam powered.

Indian Lake Railroad   (Note the new link Larry Simoneau is well along constructing three large shays and a Climax.   He also has a neat piece of track work.    The sight has many useful drawings and photos including a bunch of photos of the 2013 MCC Logging Meet. 

Illinois Live steamers 

Kingstone Model Engineering  Bernd has several neat projects underway including a 4 truck shay --- while finishing the new station (house).  Check out the station section ---- very interesting construction.

Michigan Central Railroad  The trestle at the Hays' track is a masterpiece.

Mill Creek Central Railroad  This site describes Dick McCloy's Mill Creek Central Railroad located near Coshocton, Ohio, about 35 miles from my home.   This is my favorite destination whenever I can get off the leash.     

Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad This railroad in Elbe, Washington has a nice collection of geared locomotives including Shays, Climaxes and Heislers, many of which still operate. 

Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association  Group has done restoration work at Cass WV state Park.   One current project is the restoration of  Moore - Keppel Co #6, a 70 ton 3 truck Climax, s/n 1551.  Some photos of the restoration are on the website.  They are looking for volunteers who want to work on the real thing.   

Northeast Ohio Live Steamers  A club located in Medina, Ohio  

Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad This is a neat 3" scale, 15" gauge railroad.    Maybe I should have used this scale.   The locomotive is about the size of a Triumph TR3.          

Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society This club is in Sydney Australia.   The website has links to many other live steam websites in Australia down under.      

Washington  County Railroad A really neat 7.5" gauge railroad in eastern Maine.

White Creek Railroad A nice railroad in western Michigan



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