Shay Cab - Finishing Details
Initial: 4/20/04 Last Revised: 06/06/2004

The  final details of the cab are the window frames, door side hand rail and painting. 

Window Frames: Most the shays with steel cabs had wooden window frames.   It was decided to trim with widows with 3/16" thick X 1/2" wide CFS bars to simulate the wood frames.  No window glass is contemplated.  This photo shows the frames in place on the left side.  The edge of the frame bars extend into the opening 3/16".   A 3/16" square bar was silver soldered to the lower frame piece of the large window to make the shelf used by the crew to lay their arm.   Hex head 0-80 screws hold the the window frame pieces to the cab sides.        
This photo shows the left side. 
This photo shows the window frames from the inside.


Handrails:  The handrails were made from 1/8", diameter rod with 3/32" thick tabs silver soldered to the ends.  The tabs were secured to the cab with 0-80 hex head screws. 
Post Painting:  The rods that support the top, the retraining bracket for these rods and the roof vent prop were all given a black oxide finish; all the other cab parts were powder coated.   This view shows the cab interior. 

The brown stuff on the ground was lush ivy before  the neighborhood deer ate all the leaves last winter.  Hopefully it'll be green again in a month or so. 

This photo shows the cab as seen from the front with the roof raised.   The boiler looks dirty because it is .... I'd been doing steaming tests trying to work some of the bugs out  before going to the track.   Maybe I should give it a train wash. 


The right side of the cab with the roof down. 
The left side of the cab.......


One cab item remains --- the steps.   That's a low priority at the moment.  Will update this part when I finally get that done.



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