Small Projects
Nelson Riedel,
10/31/2012, last updated

As of late fall 2011 the construction of Mill Creek Central logging line was progressing such that it would likely be finished by the 2012 Logging Locomotive meet October 12-14.   At the time I had a Shay and Heisler but only one car --- a 3 foot log car used to carry a toolbox.  I needed some log cars to load the Shay and Heisler so log cars became the winter project.  As the log cars progressed I realized that I needed a place to store the fleet so a Engine House/Car Bar project was born.   Since then several other small project have came along so I decided to add this section to the webpage to describe these smaller projects.  
The first challenge was the trucks --- they had to be arch bar type.  I couldn't find anyone who sells kits or RTR arch bar trucks.  (I later learned that Mountain Car Company has arch bar trucks but they aren't listed in the catalogue.)   Full description of the trucks are at Trucks.     
Ken Schroeder has a nice article about disconnected log trucks in the May/June 2010 issue of Live Steam.   In one of the photos Ken used 4" fences posts for logs --- neat idea -- they are fairly regularly shaped and are clean --- no dirty out-of-scale bark.   The thought of clean logs got me going on the project.  Details at Disconnected Log Trucks
I've always liked the looks of the skeleton log cars.  Details at Skeleton Log Cars.
Couplers & Chains There is nothing special about the couplers.  The safety chains are very important on the steep grades encountered on a logging railroad.
Brakes  Optional brake assemblies were added to some of the trucks and brake cylinder with linkage was added to the log cars.
Transporter: This transporter was made to to move the locomotives and cars around the shop and between the shop and the trailer. 
Engine House & Car Barn:  This structure was erected at Mill Creek Central Railroad to store my equipment. 
Logging Caboose:  This logging caboose was patterned after cabooses made by Rayonier and serves as both a caboose and a work card.  It has ample space to carry tools, spare fuel, lubricants and a brake air compressor with battery.   The brakeman can ride on the lower roof.  Foot pegs are provided at both ends. 


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